April 27, 2016

WordPress Development

We work with WordPress for two main reasons: it’s easy, and it’s fast.

They’ve done the legwork to get the core foundation together, which means that we don’t have to. As a result, you’ll see a significant reduction in the working hours required to bring your web presence to light. Contracting a mid-to-large web development house will often lead to a bill of $6,000 – $15,000, depending on the features included in the site’s performance. Our quotes for small-to-medium sized businesses begin around half of the low end of that spectrum; get a quote now.

Wordpress Logo


Isn’t WordPress just for blogs? Absolutely not! Though every fresh WordPress installation comes pre-configured with blogging functionality, it’s not required and can be stripped away or hidden from the final product, if you so desire. A number of template designers have made responsive website themes that don’t implement WordPress blog features. See our portfolio below for examples of sites we’ve built so far.

Okay, so it’s not just for blogs. But what can WordPress sites do? They can do quite a bit! If at first, WordPress’ primary themes don’t cover everything you need out of the site, you can expand some features by picking a theme that’s a little bit more up your alley. Then, if you’ve found a good aesthetic fit that’s well-matched with functionality, but it still isn’t quite right, thousands of plugin options will breathe extra life into your website. Lastly, some fine-tuning can be done ‘behind the scenes’ in the HTML/CSS/PHP coding files that provide your website’s backbone.

What happens once the site is complete? What do I do with it? We would prefer that you grant us the honor of hosting your website on the dedicated servers that we’ve leased, but you have plenty of options ahead of you. Below, you can see some of the hosting packages and services that we offer – let us know if any of them suit your interest (we’ll also be sure to mention it during the quotation phase of the project’s onset).

What about online security?

One of the best ways to represent your website’s security is to include badge(s) that let your visitors know their information is secure and the business and pages are protected and verified. Below, you can see badges that confirm our good standing with the web hosting services used. If required we will set up these extra levels of protection for your site.


If you trust us with the construction of your site but would rather host it yourself or on an existing account that your business holds; we can ‘deliver’ the site to any place that allows for WordPress installations. We build and test all of our websites on our dedicated server, and license a comprehensive migration tool. When you’re set for delivery, we’ll collect the server’s login credentials from you for a brief transfer period (typically less than an hour).

Have a question that isn’t so ‘frequently asked’? Contact Us for clarification!