April 27, 2016

Web Hosting

We’ve found that some our clients have ongoing issues with both their existing website and the web hosting service that supports it. Because of this, CQMS leases dedicated server space and offer to administrate your post-deployment site, keeping both the production and maintenance in-house; and simplifying the process for everyone.

Since we have our own server, that’s where we do our site construction and development. We allocate a ‘slice’ of the disk space to your particular account and start working. Then, when the page is ready to go live, we get in touch with you and make sure that everything is as it should be. That’s the point where we can deploy your website to a WordPress-compatible host of your choice, or activate your hosting service with us. Take a look at our hosting packages and let us know which one you require.

CQMS Web Hosting Packages

We’d be happy to host just about any site you have, but the focus of this service is for websites that we’ve also built. That said if you have any ‘sister’ pages to the one(s) we’ll be building for you, let us know ahead of time, and we can look at migrating your existing site(s) to our server space. Most WordPress websites can be moved over without too much issue; the largest concern is often in getting your current host to permit a registration transfer for any domains that you have in place or on contract.

Web Hosting Terms

As is the case with most web hosting companies, CQMS would prefer to set up your hosting account in year-long increments, with the option for multi-year agreements. This works well with domain registration durations (also in year-long increments) and ensures that you aren’t juggling too many ‘expiry’ dates for your online services. Be sure to speak with us about what works best for you so that we can be of the best possible service to your business.