April 27, 2016

Social Media Page Development

As mentioned on the Social Media page, CQMS believes that a crucial step in expanding online presence is through setting up business pages on social networks. The process of social media page development is often straightforward; the various networks request information about your business, and it becomes your responsibility to fill them out. Once the page is complete, it can be used to form mass-market outreach, and serve as a point of contact for your customers, and more.

With CQMS, getting your social network page(s) has never been more simple – we will collect the required information from you directly, proof it and optimize it for your target audience before getting your content out to where it needs to be. If your business is looking to get onto multiple networks at once, we offer deep discounts as the information collected for them often has a significant amount of overlap. Contact us to start the process of your social media page creation! We have simple forms to fill in (or can speak to you directly over the phone) before we get to work, but the process moves quickly enough that we can streamline every bit of it from your end.

CQMS Services | Social Media Page Development

Delivery of your Social Media Page:

Depending on which platform(s) we’re dealing with, the social networks have certain restrictions upon how business pages are administered. In most cases, however, one of us at CQMS must directly connect with your company’s intended administrator for the social network page. Once we’ve finished putting all of the pertinent details together, we will begin the process to name your employee as an administrator. Upon accepting their new role, that member may then modify or update the page as if they’d built it themselves – no restrictions will be placed upon the account.


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