April 27, 2016

Social Media Marketing

After your business has taken its first step(s) to establishing company pages on the various social networks, the next phase is to decide upon how to reach prospective customers, clients, or anyone else within your target demographic. Allow CQMS to assist you – we have experience with social media marketing on most of the major networks’ ongoing campaigns.

CQMS Services | Social Media Marketing

If you’ve made it this far with us, it’s quite likely that CQMS has already crafted or updated your existing social media page(s). This is a good thing – it means that we’re already tuned into the intended functionality of your online presence and the demographic it caters to. We will spend some time discussing goals for your social media marketing campaign and coming up with a plan to achieve it. This will cover targeted areas such as Age range, gender(s), shared interests, physical location, communities, or many other identifying factors.

You might find yourself seeking to expand your online presence – just getting your name out there is sometimes enough. It may be that the business has been operating for years and you would now like to step into the digital realm to share updates, sales, or other news. Or, you could simply need someone to keep an eye on marketing campaigns to help narrow down which efforts are the most effective (these statistics are often called analytics, or insights). We can handle all of the above, and more.

Let us know which online ventures you would like to promote, and we will get to work customizing a marketing campaign that will suit the business best.


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Before delving into paid marketing through the search engine giants, you may wish to consider our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that will natively improve your website’s online presence without requiring a sustained financial commitment.