April 27, 2016

Social Media

CQMS believes that one of the simplest ways to expand your online presence is by creating pages for your business on the various social media networks available. As the amount of companies hopping on board increases, the platforms develop more business-friendly features; analytics, visitor trends, direct engagement with the customer – all of these have direct benefits in understanding your client base.

Most of the services available on social networks are free, although they do require time invested to get the most out of them. Whether it’s reviewing business-linked content (an About Us section, for example), planning an advertising strategy, or generating relevant content for your users, it all takes time to put together. Once the page(s) have been assembled, there is a time commitment to keep posting new and relevant content to stay engaged with your community of followers. We’ll be sure to make note of some best practices for you.

Though there are dozens of large-scale social networks established around the globe, CQMS focuses on the big players in our industry space: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can follow us by clicking on the social icons above/below, or by searching for CQMS Inc. on any of them. Having experience with these networks in both our personal and professional lives, we would like to extend an offer of assistance to our esteemed clients that might be looking to get onto Social Media, or perhaps reinvigorate an aging profile that’s been left by the wayside since it came about. Perhaps your page is established, actively updated, and otherwise running properly, but if you would like to understand how advertising campaigns behave on the various platforms. Follow either of the links below to learn more about our social media services.


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