July 15, 2016

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting your website put together is only half of the battle. Grooming it for Search Engine Optimization is essential to help the site’s overall presence within the major engine’s search results. Many people do not understand how SEO works, and a big part of the difficulty lies in hitting a moving target. Search engines, such as Google, are always updating their records and search algorithms – your site’s rankings may rise/sink as the search policies change. Using CQMS to fine-tune your pages’ content for SEO is a great way to make yourself more visible when visitors come looking for content related to your business.

CQMS Services | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How We Work on SEO

CQMS has licensed two of the industry-leading optimization tools and use them both in a one-two succession that can exponentially increase the page’s overall SEO score. We begin with basic on-page SEO as we build the pages, guiding the content along for keywords specified by the client. Then, once the page copy is complete, the extensive SEO work can begin with the second tool. Focusing on the more-technical elements, CQMS will then go over all of the back-end coding that the search engines evaluate and make sure that it is as finely tuned as it can be. Using both of these techniques, we give your website the best fighting chance it has to rise to the top of search engine results.


Discussions on Your Site’s SEO

Most of our optimization work is carried out on sites that we’ve constructed. In the initial project planning phase, we will talk to you about keywords that you would like to be ranked for. At that point, we will consider the online marketspace (typically just looking at the first/second-page search results for the big engines) and give you an early impression if we believe that there is a likely chance at beating your competition. Niche markets can perform quite well, but we would never expect to beat big business on broad search terms. For example, searching “SEO” won’t display this page on Google’s first page of results, but this page’s individual score contributes to CQMS’ overall web presence. This is due in part to cornerstone content; you can quickly read about it here.