April 27, 2016

IT Services

Desktop Support has come to be a more refined term for ‘IT Guy’, but the role remains the same. Every company using computers, networks, and other pieces of tech needs tech-savvy assistance to maintain the toolsets, but it can be a costly venture to hire on full-time desktop support or open up a small IT department. This is where the IT Services provided by CQMS can help.

We will work with your business to schedule on-site (or remote) support to handle some of the day-to-day frustrations that take time away from productivity and goals. Sometimes simple tasks such as email configuration, software updates, or troubleshooting can take hours away from the work week. Let CQMS handle the maintenance of your IT infrastructure – unscheduled or otherwise!

CQMS Services | IT Services

IT Services Offered:

Amongst the IT services that CQMS offers are desktop support and server administration. Members of our team have trained in both Windows and OS X environments, with experience in Windows and Linux/CentOS servers as well. If your support needs include mobile phones and tablets, we have expertise in the day-to-day troubleshooting involved with the various platforms available as well. We will do a thorough accounting of devices to be supported and make sure that our expertise is well-suited to your equipment.

Speak to us about your productivity software as well; it can be difficult to capitalize on the breadth of features held in suites like Microsoft Office or Apple’s Pages/Numbers/Keynote offerings. For more information about the software suites (if you would like to make a purchase), click through the links below:


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