April 27, 2016

Hardware Acquisition and Installation

During our work with your business, a time may come about that new hardware acquisition or an existing system replacement is necessary. With your permission, CQMS will place the order for any necessary equipment to ensure its proper arrival before we visit your location. In doing this, coordination and oversight on your end is mitigated, as is any risk of late arrivals that would hinder our ability to help you in the timely fashion that we strive for.

CQMS Services | Hardware Acquisition

At the project onset, we will be sure to ask about any specific equipment needs that you are aware of. Working within the time constraints at hand, we will place any and all orders for the hardware to prepare for an onsite visit. Then, once all of the hardware has arrived (or enough for us to begin), we will schedule the onsite service times to deliver, install, and configure the equipment for you.

If during our time with you, we come to an agreement that new equipment is required, CQMS will research viable options for the particular problem. We have experience in many hardware (and software) systems that can be purchased off-the-shelf to ensure that your business’ requirements are covered.


A Note on Hardware Acquisition:

CQMS does not actively sell equipment on our website or over the phone; hardware acquisition is often tied to our in-house IT services to address the specific needs of our clients. Let us know if there is anything we can do to streamline your business’ IT infrastructure!