April 27, 2016

Application Development

The world runs on software, and CQMS is happy to help bring more of it around. Our business began building with quality management systems to streamline personnel/business processes in the Oil & Energy sector, but we’ve done some application development work in geomatics and pipeline infrastructure as well.

Our development crew has experience in many technologies; we can develop applications for PC, OS X, iOS, and more. We’ve worked industry-standard tools such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Azure Cloud technologies or Apple’s Xcode, but also respect the root of computing technologies and have built smaller programs on LAMP servers with command-line C scripting. If you have a need for applications that land anywhere in between, let us know so that we can help make a project plan and get your software out the door.

CQMS Services | Application Development


What kind of applications do you have in your portfolio? Between the personal and professional efforts of the application development staff, we have broad experience with different software solutions. Our team has worked on booking software for the hospitality industry, GPS-fed distance calculators for UAV/Drones, and even 3D gaming for virtual reality headsets. CQMS began with the development of a personnel management suite that married client-side software and server-hosted SQL databases, and we have software in the works that directly supports legacy coding files for now-deprecated tools still used in the field today.

Nice buzzwords – give me some technical terms. Fair enough. We know that in job postings and contract requirements, knowing the specific technologies that developers are familiar with is a big asset. We have proficiency in:

  • Programming Languages [alphabetically]:
    • C
    • C#
    • Objective-C 2.0
    • Swift
    • Visual Basic
  • Web Languages:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • JQuery
    • PHP
    • SQL/MySQL


If you see something you require that isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to ask us about it. Given the prevalence in online training, we try to expand our knowledge base whenever possible. Furthermore, many programming languages and tools are conceptually related to one another; it mightn’t be a big leap to get ourselves up and running on the technology you need.

What kind of support is provided post-delivery? In the later phases of the application development cycle, we will be sure to demonstrate the working product and ensure that it matches what was conceptually conceived. Once we deliver the software, it becomes yours to do with as you please. If you need us to build patches for it, we can extend our contract with your business to bring in new features or move anything around that requires attention.

What kind of project management methodologies do you use? Lots! While there are many advantages to the ever-increasing schools of thought for project management, we understand that each methodology is accompanied by a list of shortcomings, depending on the type of project at hand. At CQMS we’re fond of Agile and its variants (be it Kanban, Scrum-ban, etc.), but we’re open to Waterfall or anything in-between if your processes require it.

How do you estimate the timeline until a project is ready for deployment (or delivery)? We take a thorough look at the scope of the project, break it down into easily digested sections, and examine each of them for the possible amount of time to complete that bit. Then, we’ll sum everything together and provide you with what we believe to be the most-appropriate estimate for the project length. This figure will serve as the base timeline but is bound to change if the project scope or requirements do.