April 27, 2016


Though CQMS began as a development house for software intended for the energy sector, we have since broadened our scope to offer IT services and solutions to small-medium businesses. Below you may see an overview of the services that CQMS has to offer; please click on the accompanying service icons to view them in better detail.


Wordpress LogoWordPress and Custom Web Development

Our website is powered by WordPress, and yours could be too. We have proficiency in theme selection, plugin usage, and the custom CSS coding to bring your page to life. If WordPress doesn’t suit your needs – we can work with you to build a new page from the ground up.


CQMS Services | Application DevelopmentApplication Development

If you find that off-the-shelf solutions don’t work for you, ask CQMS about our custom application development services. We can work with a number of tools to deploy your perfect solution onto a variety of platforms; mobile, desktop, or otherwise.


CQMS Services | IT ServicesIT Services

Not every business needs an in-house IT department to handle the technical support questions that comes up from time to time – it simply isn’t always worth the investment. CQMS, however, can help bridge the gap for you by offering on-site or remote IT services to help out wherever needed.


CQMS Services | Hardware AcquisitionHardware Acquisition

Sometimes, working in our clients’ offices, there is a need to make purchase of a new system or replace an existing one. CQMS will place your orders for you, ensure their proper arrival, and configure them for you when the time arises to install them.


CQMS Services | Social Media Page CreationSocial Media Page Development

Getting onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform doesn’t take long, but ensuring that your public-facing business page is well-crafted requires a little bit of expertise and finesse. Learn more about what CQMS has to offer.


CQMS Services | Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing

You’ve got your social media page(s) built and good-to-go, but where do they go from here? Ask CQMS about how marketing can help your online presence get out to thousands of people in your area; be it local, provincial, or national.