Markus David Piil

Markus Piil is CQMS’s Software Specialist, an avid tech enthusiast and lead developer on many of our projects. This website originally served as an ‘online resume’/portfolio for Markus, and was actually set up before his graduation, years ago. As his first experience with WordPress, the site was set up on a different domain (; his hobbyist adventure since 2010) and was used to host submissions and assignments for his senior-year classes. After graduation, the domain was shifted over to as the overall site was tweaked to be used as an online platform for resume details, collective works (screenshots, github code, and more).


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Markus Piil’s Project Overview:

The original site was actually never professionally used as an advertisement piece; days after publishing the site he was brought on for CQMS’ flagship product development and dedicated his time fully to the business (hence minimal use of the Blog, and in-progress Project discussions as self-marketing tools). Several months later, once CQMS re-branded itself into an IT Services company offering web development, this site became a testing ground of sorts for custom CSS and template modifications. It is presented as a piece of CQMS’ portfolio simply to showcase some more of our WordPress development experience and projects that founded the expertise that Markus brings to CQMS’ efforts.

Online resumes are growing ever more popular, and this website checks many of boxes that recruiters are looking to see; demonstrated and proven work on complex projects, categorized efforts (to show which projects have been executed in a professional capacity and which were geared towards academic study), and a easily-digestible display of competencies earned during the early phases of a career.

If you have any questions about how to set up a complete online portfolio for yourself, visit our services page or contact us for more information.


Markus Piil