Macro Pipelines Inc.

Macro Pipelines Inc., a subsidiary of Macro Industries, is a well-established pipeline contractor, running a satellite office based in Calgary, AB. On the leading edge of some of Western Canada’s largest pipeline projects, they provide full-lifecycle pipeline services, from concept to completion. When expanding (and moving) their offices to another location, Macro contracted CQMS to plan, install, and maintain their new office network.


CQMS Services Used:


Macro Pipelines Project Overview:

To meet growing demand within the business, Macro required that a new network be installed in their new offices. Scaling up from a dozen users to 30-50+, they identified the need for a professional assessment of the existing infrastructure within the office unit and a cost-effective manner of serving all of the employees with reliable internet and network access. When the new office became accessible, CQMS went in to map out the existing cabling and RJ-45 wall plugs. Bringing that map back to our client, we asked about any users that may require top-priority network access / allowance (for higher-throughput users on critical tasks), and put pen to paper in designing the network infrastructure.

With a design and network map planned, CQMS went out to acquire suitable network hardware for the project. Laden with network switches, wireless access, spare cabling, and more, we went back into the office over a weekend to install, configure, and test every network connection point. Content with our test results (100% wireless connection coverage across the sprawling office space, all physical connection points hooked up and fully functional), we turned over network administration details to the project stakeholder.

During the period of network planning, our client made an unrelated request for us to source out and procure a large-scale plotting printer that would aid in reducing their printing costs. They had already done some of the legwork in searching for suitable units that would match their business needs, and asked us to go out to the vendor’s warehouse to visually examine the selected plotters for both physical condition and print quality using production files. Satisfied with the cost-vs-quality of the plotters, we made our suggestion for one that Macro could secure for their daily use. Supervising the delivery and installation of the plotter, CQMS integrated it to the then-established network and installed print drivers to the computers of all users that would make regular use of the printer.


To respect network sensitivity and security, no images or network maps will be provided for this entry to CQMS’ portfolio.