Ground Level Designs

Ground Level Designs is the prime subcontractor for CQMS with respect to drafting services and engineering documents provided to our oil and gas clients. They have over a decade’s experience in the field and come bearing the recommendation of some provincial governing entities; we are proud to support their infrastructure and online presence with services we offer in-house.


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Ground Level Designs Project Overview

Ground Level Designs is in the later stages of a full rebranding effort, which has brought them to us for an extensive website rebuild. Keeping in line with our desires for a rapid website development, we’re implementing a WordPress build, although this one is above-standard complexity. The theme being utilized offers extensive custom coding and layout options within each published page, and as a design and drafting company they’re undoubtedly held to the highest quality standard by their own clients’ expectations.

In working through the site development process with them, we’ve pieced together each page such that it is not presenting as a typical WordPress site; many WordPress themes provide a dynamic and engaging frontpage, leaving the remainder of all pages by the wayside to live under one thematic appearance. With this project, there are a number of customized modules that need to be present on some pages, while not on others. We’ve gathered all of the site requirements from the client to ensure that each page is matched to expectations set from the planning stage.

As another website for a Calgary-based business, CQMS is proud to support local businesses like ours that are working in both the technical and creative fields. Check back again soon for the formal reveal of our latest website development project and demonstration of our abilities, and consider CQMS for your business’ new website.