Candoo Oilfield Services Inc.

Candoo Oilfield Services Inc. is a privately-owned construction and maintenance company serving the oil and gas industry for 23 years. Located in Fort St. John, Candoo specializes in the construction, installation and maintenance of pipelines and facilities.


CQMS Services Used:


Candoo Oilfield Services Project Overview:

Working with the staff of Candoo Oilfield Services, CQMS put together a web page that showcases their available equipment, commitment to health and safety, their services, and more. Built using WordPress, a variety of plugins, theme elements, and custom-coded CSS changes, the end result is one we’re proud of. As part of our own commitment to the business, the site is intermittently updated by request to include new job postings, images/galleries, or whatever they would like to see changed.

As a second part to our early business with Candoo Oilfield Services, CQMS also built the company’s LinkedIn page in accordance with information provided by our client contact. This was turned over immediately after completion, and has been operating under their supervision since.

Beyond their online presence, Candoo also made the request that we assess their office’s IT infrastructure and propose an updated system that would allow more control over their own operations. We visited their office in Fort St. John, and thoroughly documented the systems currently in place, and spoke with stakeholders within the business to gain greater understanding of where they feel current shortfalls sit. Marrying the two sets of information, CQMS returned a list of hardware and software components that will address concerns from all parties involved.


Website Samples

CQMS Portfolio - Candoo Oilfield Services

Homepage of Candoo Oilfield Services Inc. Open space provides an up-front opportunity to showcase equipment.


CQMS Portfolio - Candoo Oilfield Services

Services page displays a scrolling list of services available through Candoo. Relevant information (trade values, local temperature) presented in modifiable sidebar.


CQMS Portfolio - Candoo Oilfield Services Footer

Footer for Candoo pages; includes links to primary content and off-site contact options.