Canadian Control Devices

Canadian Control Devices, as per their moniker, has been in the business of storm water management since 1984. When the company was sold in 2015, the new owner sought to bring the company into the 21st century with some web presence where there previously had been none. Utilizing services offered through CQMS, Canadian Control Devices (CCD) have stepped into the online market and are growing their reach with every passing day.


CQMS Services Used:


Canadian Control Devices Project Overview:

With Canadian Control Devices, the business had been focusing on selling their product to the construction contractors and engineering companies that would install them per their own clients’ needs; CCD has been taking tremendous strides in growing their online business and presence since setting up (and hosting) their website with us.

The first (of two) website schemes for Canadian Control Devices employed a regal WordPress theme that covered all of the basics, and wasn’t particularly flashy (by design), simply to get online and provide a landing page for anyone looking to order the product. At this time, CQMS also built a LinkedIn business page, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc., all under CCD’s plan to develop some industry-relevant content that would display the product across a number of mediums. All but the LinkedIn page have been shelved for later use, at the client’s direction.

Two years later, after consulting with a marketing agency, our client was able to source some more-dynamic graphics (product photos, logo redesign) and marketing supplies (including physical material) in preparation of trade show tours and a planned, extensive, network expansion. To take that newfound material to ‘the next level’, they requested that we rebuild the website and make use our own website template as a foundational basis for their services-oriented company. Naturally, being exceptionally familiar with this specific WordPress template, the website redevelopment came about quite quickly and aided in keeping the final invoice at a minimum.

CQMS has worked with the client in-step on each of their new initiatives; whenever content or features are requested for addition to the website, we ensure that it is done so in a timely manner and continues to build up the online presence of their brand and company goals. CQMS looks forward to continuing the partnership with Canadian Control Devices Ltd.